Monday, 5 December 2011

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Please leave any comments about my work or the blog here.


  1. Dear Harvey,

    Very nice works. Really enjoy seeing your work. Fabulous work and space.
    All the best


    Ganesh Gohain,Sculptor,India

  2. I have really enjoyed looking through this looking forward to seeing you in the summer

  3. Hi Harvey, Louise Freeman one of your ex-students from Howard Gardens. Great to see your work and especially the new hat, unless you borrowed it from Dave Shepherd! You will be pleased to know that your tuitoring wasn't to no avail, I make but not to your scale, take at peek at my website quirky art ceramics, and Im exhibiting at Potfest in the Pens this year, so wish me well. Take care, Louise xx

  4. Hi, My name is Mr Little, im trying to trace authenticity of a lovely cast you made at time team Blanavon,certain people are saying time team only commissioned two?, the ex producer says he has and one on the wall of the furnace, and the other in his garden, many people are saying the one i have is fake, how many were made? Also there is a casting stamp on back from triplex williams of cardiff cast no.21H00 is this real? Can you help me, any help or info is much appreciated.

    my email is

    Regards Mr Little