Monday, 5 December 2011

About my Work 2000-2009

In this decade the theme of my work changed from 'Systems' to 'Metaphysical Sculpture.' Most of the work I made in this decade was made in Cast Iron, and was left in a rusted state. For many people, rusted iron means spoiled iron, but in a metaphysical world this is the real and truthful state of this material. Most of my sculpture at this time tended to use some 'real' components and display a connection or relationship between them. The object is conceived by intentions without being concerned about what it looks like. For example in 'From Guitar to Typewriter' I have modelled the transformation of a guitar to a typewriter. Another example is 'Tennis Racket to Scissors' where the transformation is shown between two objects that mimic each other. In these pieces, I am fascinated by the space between; whether it's the sound between notes, the pause between word associations, or the unknown form between these objects.