Saturday, 26 November 2011

Celtic Ring - Cardiff Bay

Celtic Ring - 1993 Bronze.
Detail of the inside of the Ring at night.
Harvey sketching down ideas at the Bay.
The piece itself has got quite a lot of scientific, topological and historic information in it. When you stand inside the ring and look out, the reliefs represent significant parts of the landscape or the history relative to the direction you are looking in. This a picture of the Docks in its hayday. This is a detail of Queen Alexandra Dock.
Detail of Flotsam and Jetsam. Embedded in wax before being cast in Bronze.
Abstracted forms of the bay from a map.
The shape of the Ring is molded in Clay, with the use of a Jig.

A Plaster Cast was made from the clay. It was then cast into Fiberglass.
Patrick Haywood and Charles Hook fixing wax reliefs to the fibreglass.
The four sections of the Ring are being Welded together at the Foundry.

Pangolin Foundry having difficulty getting it out of the door.
The Ring being delivered to the Cardiff Bay site.

Here are some details from the inside of the Ring.